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A selection of tantalizing jewelry options for the festive season at a plethora of price points.

By Beth Bernstein

Holiday 2021 promises to be a popular season for jewelry, and there’s a range of price points to choose from. During the pandemic, self-purchasing of pieces up to $5,000 was common, as were sales of high-ticket items over $50,000 and engagement rings that ran the price and style gamut. With consumers traveling less, spending more time online, and educating themselves about trends, pricing, diamonds and gemstones, jewelry sales have grown since Covid-19 began.

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Additionally, social media has become a launching pad for collections by independent designers and established houses alike. By perusing posts, clients have learned more about their personal tastes and the types of pieces that fit best with their lifestyles. This, too, has contributed to the uptick in sales.

Here’s a look at some attractive holiday gift ideas in four fine-jewelry price categories.

Everyday elegance: $2,000 to $5,000This is one of the most popular price points to stock up on during the holidays. Women frequently self-purchase within this range and tend to have a wish list for potential gift-givers. They may have left hints around the house — often on their personal devices — or told a friend or partner their preferences, or checked in with their favorite retailer. This category tends to contain everyday styles, but these are far from boring or staid. Classic silhouettes have undergone a refreshing makeover, with fancy diamond cuts and edgier designs.

This is also a good range for revitalizing heirloom or pre-owned jewelry, as well as layering with other items. Add to your ear party, go for graduated necklaces, or wear a signet ring alongside your finger stack; there are myriad options. These pieces appeal to a broad demographic of women, and the versatility of the styles makes them easy to sell.


Artisan vibes: $5,000 to $10,000Designers add a touch of the daring in this category. Creativity reigns in the shapes, application and setting of the diamonds. Some are more rough-hewn, set in handmade pieces for an organic look, while others are inverted to create a spike effect. This price range tends to attract the collector rather than the client who’s just trying to renew her wardrobe, as the pieces evoke an artisan feeling. When there is color, it adds an additional dimension, be it with a mix of inlaid stones or with a fancy-shaped gem set asymmetrically or unpredictably.

This is a slightly more difficult price point for gifting, but if you have the right mix of merchandise, a solid branding message, knowledgeable staff, an engaging story behind the design, and distinctive pieces that pop both online and in the display case, you should be able to capture clients’ attention.
Statements with staying power: $10,000 to $50,000Familiar but different is the mood of the jewelry in this price range. It covers pieces that have been reimagined from the 19th century onward: Art Deco-inspired rings, enameling that sets off diamond styles, rivière necklaces, cuff bracelets, and a slew of other classics. These are the kinds of pieces that won’t go out of style and that let clients show off their personalities; they make a statement without overshadowing the woman wearing them. They can stand alone or accompany other items that project the same elegance.

Dress like a star: $50,000 and up
Red-carpet styles that belong on celebrities at award shows are in the spotlight this holiday. One-of-a-kind, custom or limited-edition jewels from independent and established houses fall into this category. Investment within this price point means gifts that should last a lifetime, retain their style and get passed down through generations. They should be worn often and enjoyed to the fullest, not locked away in a safe for a special occasion. Encourage your clients to pull out that sparkly diamond choker and wear it with a white shirt and jeans, or spruce up professional garb with a pair of extra-long earrings. All of these jewels give a nod to old Hollywood glamour.

With these items, you’ll want to teach your clients to wear one focal piece. If they opt for a wide bracelet, they might wear a ring on the other hand or a pair of chandelier earrings. This is enough to accessorize for a gala event or dressy wedding that calls for a gown or a high-fashion cocktail number. If a necklace is the statement piece, then smaller earrings and either a ring or a few will complete the look.

Never be shy about presenting the higher-ticket items; even if they don’t sell as quickly, they will draw the client’s eye to other price points.