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The Rapaport Research Report is a monthly report that gives you access to unique market insight, analysis and pricing data. 

Deep analysis of key issues impacting the diamond and jewelry trade.

Comprehensive monthly overview of rough, polished and retail markets.

Exclusive diamond supply and demand data.

Access to exclusive Rapaport pricing data.



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In-Depth Analysis 

Each month the Rapaport Research Report highlights a key issue affecting the diamond industry, such as finance, synthetics, and rough and polished prices, providing definitive analysis and insight, while assessing the potential impact on your business. 

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Proprietary Data

The report provides extensive, proprietary data from RapNet©,  with a snapshot of real-world pricing information, the flow of diamonds through the trade pipeline, inventory levels and transactional data. The data includes average prices, discounts and inventory by country alongside search volume, the average time to move through the RapNet system, and the volume of goods that have moved on and off the platform.  All data is presented for 0.30 ct., 0.50 ct., 1.00 ct. and 3.00 ct. stones.