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Rapaport Magazine, the most influential publication in the global diamond and jewelry business, offers readers valuable insights into the trade. In the January-February issue, we release our much-anticipated Diamond Price Statistics Annual Report 2022. This proprietary data charts the unexpected hurdles that disrupted what began as a strong year.

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In-depth analysis

Each month, Rapaport Magazine marshals its insightful reporting and authoritative voice to explore issues affecting the diamond and jewelry sector. In the latest edition, we turn our attention to the auction market: reports from the New York and Geneva salesrooms, pricing data on the stones that sold, and features asking hard-hitting questions like why large colored diamonds are tapering off. Our writers also present some of the technology and innovative ideas we expect will influence the trade in 2023.

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Retail focus

In this month’s magazine, we look at sports’ biggest jewelry prize in a play-by-play report on how retailers are capitalizing on the Super Bowl. Plus, we explore the new craze for permanent jewelry — which is welded on in-store — and pay a visit to Mitchum Jewelers in Ozark, Missouri. We also learn about the Here We Are diversity program, which recently collaborated with Muzo emerald to launch a capsule collection at New York’s Greenwich St. Jewelers.

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Jewelry love

With articles on historical treasures, the latest trends, and up-and-coming designers, the magazine offers jewelry connoisseurs plenty of food for thought. In the January-February issue, we check out the looks from the 2023 fashion catwalks and see how stores can tap into the Pantone Color of the Year. We also speak to influential Brazilian jeweler Ara Vartanian — whose company recently marked its 20th anniversary — and unearth the mystery and market value of chameleon-esque gem alexandrite.

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